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Bad Blood

Unfortunately, I read the hardcover version of Bad Blood – so no Tweet storm.

Unbelievable story. Incredible book. Highly recommend.

David Boies, one of the most famous lawyers of our generation and lawyer for Theranos, did a perhaps unintentional, and yet fantastic job of describing the saga. His take below:

“The root of the problem may be the drama of the reporter’s original thesis, which may fall into the category of ‘too good to check.’ That thesis, as Mr. Carreyrou explained in discussions with us, is that all of the recognition by the academics, scientific, and health-care communities of the breakthrough contributions of Theranos’ achievements is wrong: that every previous published report about Theranos, including in The Journal itself, has been the result of misleading manipulation by the company; and that the company and its founder are essentially perpetrating a fraud by touting a technology that does not work and using existing commercial equipment to do tests that Theranos pretends are done with new technology. Certainly such an exposé, if true, would be a powerful piece of investigative journalism. The problem may be that even though that thesis is not true, it is just too dramatic to let go.” (Emphasis mine)

It turns out that thesis was very true, and Bad Blood proves too dramatic to put down.

Enjoy and be sure to let me know what you think!

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