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I Heard You Paint Houses

Charles Brandt covers the life of Frank, The Irishman, Sheeran in this mobster’s biography.

When Netflix announced Scorsese would be turning the book into a film with Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesce, it seemed like a no brainer to pick it up.

Great choice, the book is excellent. Sheeran’s biogrpahy takes us deep into two of the most notorious mob theories out there: the assasination of JFK, and the stories central theme – Sheeran’s killing of his close friend, Jimmy Hoffa.

Sheeran’s stories about the Kennedy’s – particular those of Joe the Patriarch, JFK, and Bobby are direct and incredibly significant if true. Some of the stories directly clash with what I recently read in Joe’s biography, The Patriarch. Specifically, The Patriarch author claimed there is little evidence or truth to the Kennedy’s involvement with the mob or bootlegging, while Sheeran paints a starkly different picture.

Anyone with an interest in the mob will enjoy this book. Whether we take Sheeran at his word and believe the stories or not, I found the interesting insight into the Kennedy’s to make the biography that much more enjoyable.

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