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Media Content For Your Business (Video Interview)

Media Content For Your Business (Video Interview)

Tips To Create Media Content For Your Business

Welcome to part 6 of our 10 part series, Idea to Income, where I speak with executive producer, Dylan Welch, about helpful tips to create media content for your business. 

In our last episode, we talked with Ally Archer about ways to use digital marketing to capture leads and drive sales. One of the challenges for many business owners with digital marketing can be creating content to grab those eyeballs in the first place. 

Dylan keep things short and sweet providing us with two unique hierarchies to work through to get started.

In our discussion we review:

  1. The six steps to generate relevant content 
  2. The waterfall of content production
  3. Why you need to just get started

We cover a lot and hope you enjoy our discussion!

Our video provides all of the information. For those of you who prefer to read, please find the most pertinent material below:

How To Create Media Content For Your Business

Dylan jumps right into things providing six helpful tips for you to think about as you get started creating content.

1. Decide on your end goals as a business. Think of media simply as a tool to help you get there. 

2. Identify your audience. Who, specifically, are you trying to engage?

3. Identify where your audience is going to be and tailor your content to that platform. We all consume media differently. 

4. Determine the type of content does your audience engage with on that platform. 

5. Create a call to action. Have your ideal client do something. Sign up for a newsletter, schedule a free call, etc. 

6. Build out a sales funnel (see our last episode for more) to keep the conversation going. 

In essence, have a beginning, middle end process so that when you’re ready to hire a videographer or a media company you know exactly what you’re creating and why. Putting in this work up front will save you a lot of time and money.

With this marketing structure in place, you can then start building out effective content. Dylan helps us progress through the content creation hierarchy with tips on how to create media content for your business on any budget. 

The Hierarchy of Content Creation

1. Get on social media. Dylan suggests creating your business social media pages to establish an early brand presence. Help your current and potential clients get familiar with you being online. Social media is just a tool to extend your brand and audience. 

2. Start posting photos and videos. Most of your early followers are friends and family. Use a regular cadence to post updates on how the business is progressing. You’ll likely notice at least a small group of people consistently rooting for you and helping to share your growing message. It is important that you softly remind people what you are doing and that you stay relevant – remember you’re competing with a busy newsfeed and not everyone is thinking about your business 24/7 the way you are!

3. Level up to the professional stage by hiring photographers, videographers and copywriters to help improve the quality of your production value. In addition to the improved quality of your content, this step has an important signaling effect as your telling your audience you invest in yourself and your business. You’re legit.

4. “As seen on”. Dylan refers to this as the holy grail of content creation as now you’re getting third party verification. This helps showcase your subject matter expertise. Importantly, it also provides social proof so now you’re not just telling your audience you know your stuff, they are seeing it showcased by others in articles, podcasts, videos, etc.

Am I Doing Too Much?

The short answer is no. Again, nobody is thinking about your business as much as you are. Also, notice this – if you subscribe to any big name email lists or follow anyone well known, or big businesses – take a look at how often you see their content. The answer is likely daily, to potentially multiple times a day. Most new business owners think posting a few times a week is “too much”. It’s not. 

Especially if your producing quality content that adds value to your audience’s lives, it won’t be too much. 

Gary Vaynerchuk produced a very helpful guide that provides additional details on ways to repurpose content effectively if you’d like to dig into more detail.



A special thank you to Dylan Welch for providing these quality media content creation tips and helping owners begin the process of leveling up their digital media presence. 

Additionally, I’d like to thank him and his team for their amazing work in putting the entire Idea To Income series together.

Remember, this series is all about taking action.

Be sure to contact Dylan or a video producer in your area to learn more about these options. And feel free to contact us if you’d like help evaluating the financial implications of your digital marketing decisions. 

To follow along with future episodes, please be sure to subscribe to our Youtube series and sign up for our free blog to receive helpful financial information right to your inbox.

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