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Moving Tips For A New City

Moving Tips For a New City

A new city can be exciting, but we all dread moving.

The packing time, the effort, the expenses… the list goes on.

“In fact, according to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of a local household is $2,300 for 4 movers at $200 per hour.” (Link)

With an average moving cost potentially as large as one month’s rent, foregoing the professional movers and rolling up your sleeves to move yourself becomes very attractive. After three long-distance moves, we’ve learned a few DIY tricks to help with the process.

  1. Save Your Boxes

Normally, the oversized boxes from Amazon Prime seem unnecessary. With a move on the horizon, they become the perfect storage box. Moving boxes are surprisingly expensive. Starting to hoard these a month or two in advance can save you hundreds of dollars when it comes time for packing. Not an Amazon Prime member? Liquor stores and supermarkets will often have extra boxes available for the taking. All you need to do is ask!

  1. uHaul

Moving from Boston to New Hampshire, New Hampshire to New York, and New York to the District of Columbia, we utilized Uhaul each time. Their large footprint ensured the one-way trips weren’t as expensive as other options, and choosing a larger truck proved cost effective in reducing the travel to a single trip.

Always get a receipt when going through the toll! With this large vehicle, the toll booth attendant may charge you more than appropriate, citing the truck size as the reason. If you get your receipt, you can avoid being erroneously charged more than the standard car rate.

  1. Practice your Tetris skills

Don’t just pile items into the truck! Take time to develop your strategy and plan the loading. My wife and I managed to keep two tables, four chairs, the bookshelf, TV stand, and our bed frame through two lengthy moves. Each time, I thought at least one valuable piece of furniture would be left behind because it wouldn’t fit in the truck. My wife may not be able to strategically load a dishwasher for the life of her, but she is a master with the uHaul.

Once you’ve transported the goods, the real work has just begun. Unloading and unpacking is equally strenuous. Ask a friend or new neighbor to help out in exchange for a bottle of wine! A few short, but dedicated, hours with as many hands on deck will get you moved in in no time. New experiences, friends and activities await in your new place. Enjoy the ride!

What are some moving tips you’ve picked up over the years? We’d love to hear from you!

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