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Traction: Get a Grip On Your Business

Failing to plan is planning to fail. The age old expression.

I was introduced to Traction through Michael Kitces’s great podcast episode with Josh Patrick.

Successful businesses operate with a crystal clear vision that is shared by everyone. They have the right people in the right seats. They have a pulse on their operations by watching and managing a handful of numbers on a weekly basis. They identify and solve issues promptly in an open and honest environment. They document their processes and ensure they are followed by everyone. They establish priorities for each employee and ensure that a high level of trust, communication, and accountability exists on each team.

Traction is packed with excellent, actionable ideas that compliment many of the strategies I work on with business owners in an outsourced CFO capacity.

Extremely excited to incorporate the valuable lessons into my process.

Whether you’re the CEO of a business or your personal finances, how are you setting yourself up for success?

I’d love to help you gain Traction.

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