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San Diego Business Finance Consulting and Analysis
*Added Services In Support of COVID-19 Impacts*

Please note that we’ve made special updates to our services in order to assist San Diego business owners through the various options available to them through the financial stimulus. We offer three packages available to owners to choose from in order to help obtain funds, develop a plan for the funds, and set a strategic long term plan for the business finances.

Why is knowing what’s available so important? The PPP loan option created through the CARE package offers 2.5 times the average total monthly payments for payroll costs made by the applicant during the 1-year period before the date on which the loan is made.

Want to learn more about the stimulus package financing options?

Let’s Talk About Your Business Finances

Package 1 - Assistance With Applying Through Funding

We will:

  • 1 hour consultation to identify your business needs and help you determine which of three fiscal stimulus funding options available will be the best to pursue.
  • Provide you our funding prep checklist to streamline the application process
  • Provide secure file share access to assist you with the application process
  • Introduce you to an SBA approved lender, if you do not already have a contact, for processing Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan options

Package 2 - Support and Partnership Through The 8 Week Loan "Covered Period" To Implement A Strategy That Ensures Loan Proceeds Are Used Appropriately And Receive Maximum Forgiveness

We will:

  • Cover all aspects of Package 1
  • Design a strategy for best use of funds that ensures maximum loan forgiveness
  • Support and partner with you through the 8 week “covered period” with weekly phone/video calls to maintain accountability and confidence

Package 3 - Additionally, We Partner Beyond The 8 Weeks To Continue With Our Outsourced CFO Services

We will:

  • Conduct profitability analysis of your business
  • Help you create a savings and cash flow system that assigns purpose to every dollar you earn
  • Develop projections to forecast your business trends in order to make more informed and confident decisions
  • Review retirement plan and employee benefits
  • Conduct a valuation of the business
  • Partner as your Outsourced CFO for strategic planning
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