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Independent Financial Advisor

Independent financial advisor based in San Diego providing financial planning and investment management services to Driven professionals and business owners around the country. We help you confidently grow, protect, and transition wealth. Partner with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional to serve as your family’s CFO and design a financial plan that ensures your hard work provides for you and your family.

We Work Best With

Professionals and business owners that want a financial partner to help them save more in taxes, invest strategically, and continuously identify ways to optimize their finances. We also uniquely help business owners with their small business finances!

What You'll Gain

  • Clarity around your goals and priorities
  • A personalized financial plan that takes your business into account
  • A partnership for accountability and collaboration
  • Financial planning education & empowerment
  • Improved comfort and confidence with how your business impacts your personal finances
  • Financial scenario modeling, including “what if” answers
  • Peace of mind through life’s twists and turns
  • Confidence on the path to your definition of a wealthy life

What We'll Cover

  • If anything happens to me or the business, will our family be ok?
  • Are we saving enough?
  • What’s the best way to pay off debt and grow the business?
  • Can I afford to take more out of the business?
  • Can we afford to buy a new home?
  • What should we do with our excess cash?
  • Does a rental property make sense for us?
  • Are we invested correctly?
  • Are there other accounts we should be utilizing?
  • Is there more we can be doing to save on taxes?
  • Are we maximizing our employee benefits?
  • Do we have adequate insurance?
  • How can we be savvy when gifting to charities?

What's Included

  • Three in-person or virtual meetings as we engage in the financial planning process
  • Actionable next steps and implementation support
  • Ongoing collaboration throughout the year (1-3 in person or virtual meetings)
  • Advisor email and phone access for any questions between meetings
  • Annual report on status, successes and outstanding items against milestones outlined from previous phases
  • Continued partnership as we update and align your plan with your evolving life and business
Not Quite Sure Where To Start?

We know your time is valuable and will take you through our proven process. It all starts with a complimentary discovery call to ensure we are a great fit. Schedule your call below!

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