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3 - Personal Financial Planning & Investing

Ideal for individuals making less than $100k. Participants must have completed the Develop Your Financial Foundation course.

If after completing our “Develop Your Financial Foundation” course, you have questions around more complex topics, our group coaching will be perfect for you!

After joining group coaching, you will receive access to our bi-weekly live video coaching sessions where you can participate in Q&A. Don’t worry, Rick’s the only one who will be on video. You’ll participate anonymously to other attendees, we know how talking money can make people feel, but benefit from hearing the questions they ask. Can’t make the session? Don’t worry, you’ll also get access to the recordings.

We’ll be covering more complex topics such as:

  • Student loan paydown strategies
  • Using appropriate accounts to save for retirement
  • Building an investment portfolio
  • Saving for college
  • Common estate planning needs
  • And more!

Just like you received in our course, we will provide templates and workbooks to help ensure you take action and retain the knowledge your gaining effectively.

Group coaching is for you if:

  • You have an interest in handling your own finances, but would prefer hearing an expert explain topics instead of sifting through Google yourself!
  • Aren’t quite ready for one on one financial planning, but know you could benefit from extra insight.
  • Feel like you aren’t sure what questions you should be asking, and think you could benefit from hearing what other people are doing with their finances.

*Pricing chart

You already know how much information we packed into the “Develop Your Financial Foundation” course, at only $99/month this is one of the best investments in yourself you can make!

No contract, no commitment. Sign up and come join us on this ride.

Next group starts 1/1/2020.

Join the wait list today!

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